Social Association for Rural Future
Guttahalli, 563116 Karnataka - India 
Spice of Life 
Just having a meal a day and a roof above your head - is that enough to live a humanely and dignified life?      
The opportunities to learn and improve, to get proper education and the chance to realize one`s own dreams, to have access to good medical care and the freedom to work for the better of society, to build up the skills and to reach out for the options to realize and use the talents given to each of us and to enjoy life in as many aspects as possible - that is what makes
the spice of life!

          The Trust
We founded SARF in February 2011 to reach out for the destitutes among us, who haven't got the chances in life that we have been given.
Our programmes focus on education, environmental awareness and social work. 
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By offering free tution classes and running a program to accompany and support students in their whole education we try to open chances for disadvantaged village children.   
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    Children's Home 
In April 2013 we opened the permanent home for children from slums in Bangalore and surroundings.
We want to help these kids making their way out of a desperate future and open doors for the realization of their hopes by giving them a 24x7 care and all needs for a proper education.        more ...
Environmental Awareness
An awareness program for the 450 highschool students is running since December 2011. Regular village and road cleaning days as well as an awareness program on organic farming for the local farmers of Guttahalli are some of our activites.             
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Social Work 
We are doing clothing programmes for children from poor families and give support for medical treatments. With our nutrition program we try to help poor families by the supply of milk for babies and try to help out with charity whenever possible.
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